Carina Ellemers (1965, Amsterdam)

A selection of twenty years of fine art

My work refers not only to abstract art and minimalism but also to everyday life through the examination of the sensuality of fabrics.
During my period at the Rijksacademie I became fascinated by the vulnerable beauty of  virgin  canvas. When canvas is seen as fabric, it reminds us of textiles that cover the skin; like clothing or fabric that covers you while you sleep, that keeps you warm, that feels familiar. This alluring intimacy allowed me to introduce into my work other textiles besides canvas, such as velvet, terry cloth, cotton and textiles with flower patterns.  

Similar to art, fabric is part of our surroundings. In one of my works, I created a small black square that reminds us of the Black Square by Malevitch. In another work I used Matisse’s parrot, in a way that is similar to the work by Daan van Golden. But mainly the works are interwoven with each other, connected intricately by threads. Because the works are interconnected through thousands of stitches, all connections are concrete as well.